What is this?

Coldmonkey.com provides a facility to enter contact data quickly and comfortably. Provide a QR code to your visitors which they can use to enter their contact data themselves, or scan their contact data digitally (see below). This service is free and does not require any registration.


Entered or scanned contact data are allocated to a unique, unguessable ID which is generated automatically on your first visit to Coldmonkey.com. It will be saved on this device as cookie. You can share IDs to colleagues, as backup etc. Create a new ID if needed (e.g. if you trace contacts for different locations), or enter an ID which you created on a different device.
CAUTION: Anyone who knows an ID has full access to the entered contact data and can even delete it!

Enter data

Coldmonkey.com creates a QR code which you can print for your guests, display on a tablet or similar. It points to a website where your guests can enter their contact data manually. Afterwards they will see a QR code which they can use for scanning the next time.


VCard Beispiel

Use the camera of your smartphone to scan business cards as QR codes. The data will be saved together with the location of that smartphone. Upon scanning you have to allow access of Coldmonkey.com to your phone's camera and (possibly) choose the camera to be used. Then click on 'Scan' and point your smartphone to a QR code.
When you scan contact data, your location will be added to the scanned contact data, so you know later on where you scanned them. Your browser (Coldmonkey.com) will ask for access to this data.

More on QR codes

In order to scan contact data as QR code, your guests need to have a QR code with their contact data in "vCard" format. Coldmonkey.com will create such a QR code automatically for them after they entered their data manually, but there are also many websites which create such codes, e.g. www.qr-code-generator.com.
This is a PDF with some QR codes you can use for testing or playing around.

Camera not accessible?

If you denied camera access to Coldmonkey.com, click (on an Android device) on the small lock symbol in the address bar, then on 'Settings' to reset that setting.


You should also provide a paper-based solution for visitors who don't have their smartphone at hand, or don't want to enter data digitally. Respective forms and sample documents are available online e.g. at your national health service.


The menu item 'Contacts' will give you the list of entered contact data as Excel or PDF. Older data can be deleted here. Note that there is a minimum retention period.


For this website I used some components and libraries made by more skilled programmers than me:

About me

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I developed this site because I work with new technology in my daytime job (more about me) and I wanted to play around with some new web technologies. Thus this site is free to use, but I'd be glad about any donations:

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